S2, Ep. 1 - King Nine Will Not Return

July 21, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul start off season two of the Twilight Zone by waking up in the desert beside James Embry, Captain of the crashed B-25 bomber, the King Nine. As he searches the wreckage for his missing crew, he starts finding more questions than answers...


Black Mirror - Fifteen Million Merits/White Bear

July 12, 2017

This time Kevin and Paul take a detour and talk about two episodes from the BBC tech-horror series, Black Mirror.

Fifteen Million Merits: In the not too distant future we meet Bing, a man stuck on a stationary bike in a world of endless advertisements and worthless purchases. He just wants one true authentic moment. Is he willing to pay the price? 

White Bear: Victoria wakes up to a headache and not knowing who she is. As she searches for answers, she is being chased by mute hunters and being recorded by passive onlookers with their cell phones, unwilling to help her. Will finding out the truth about White Bear set her free?  


A Look Back On Season One

June 9, 2017

Join us as we take a step back and look at the Twilight Zone Season One. We go over some highlights of the season, share our Bottom 5 and Top 5 episodes, and still mispronunce the name Cadwallader. Also, we reveal the recently discovered secret origin of the title to our show.   


S1, Ep. 36 A World of His Own

May 26, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul end Season One by going to go meet Mr. Gregory West, a playwright who has a very lively imagination, and his wife Victoria, who doesn't seem to understand exactly what that means... 


S1, Ep. 35 - The Mighty Casey

May 19, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul try out for the Hoboken Zephyrs, a professional baseball team so bad that they would consider us joining them. We then meet team manager Mr. Mouth McGarry, a man willing to put anyone or any thing on the field if it would get him some wins...


S1, Ep. 34 - The After Hours

May 11, 2017

Kevin and Paul go shopping at a fancy department store with special guest Tom from the Film For Thought Podcast, when we meet Mrs. Marha White, a young lady searching for the perfect gift for her mother. Inadvertenly, we all get locked inside after the store closes and now it's just us... and all those staring mannequins... 


S1, Ep. 33 - Mr. Bevis

May 5, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul push start their 1924 Rickenbacker and head over to meet Mr. James B. W. Bevis, an odd man with odd interests, who's life is about to have some divine intervention, whether he wants it or not...


S1, Ep. 32 - A Passage For Trumpet

April 28, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul bop on down to the local jazz club and meet Mr. Joey Crown, a talented trumpet player whose instrument of late has been a bottle of booze. Thinking he has nothing left, Joey walks in front of a speeding van, but something out there won't let him leave on such a sour note... 


S1, Ep. 31 - The Chaser

April 19, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul are waitng in line to use a pay phone that is being monopolized by Mr. Roger Shackleforth, a man so desperately in love he is willing to do anything to get the attention of the woman of his dreams... 


S1, Ep. 30 - A Stop At Willoughby

April 7, 2017

This week Kevin and Paul meet Mr. Gart Williams, a man with a go go go push push push life but just wants to go someplace a little slower paced, a place like Willoughby...